Made from 100% recycled plastic

Our mission is to design & develop the best outdoor furniture around


6 Seater Picnic Set for R2900 each

1200 x 1200 Recycled Plastic Pallet for R650 each

Why Plastic Timber

They are colored planks/poles(timber) made from 100% Recycled plastic that is maintenance free, will not be eaten by insects, and will never splinter or rot.

Environmentally Friendly

The use of plastic timber saves our trees since no wood is used in our products! Finally plastic timber is 100% recyclable.

Non Slip Surface

Our Plastic timber product has a wood-like texture which is not slippery wet or dry.

Life Span of Plastic Timber

Test results have estimated that recycled plastic will last over 400 years with only minimal degradation. Compare that to a deck or outdoor furniture made of wood.


We offer a 25 year limited warranty and do guarantee our recycled plastic product against damage caused by insects, dry rot, mildew, corrosion and fungal decay.

We Deliver

We deliver country wide and to neighbouring countries.